Legal Secretary Support

I have over 22 years experience as a Legal PA/Secretary/Office Manager.   I have worked within many areas of the law.

If you require an experienced Legal Secretary to cover :

  • Staff Sickness
  • Staff Holidays
  • Maternity Leave
  • Or require extra assistance during your busy periods

Then I am able to work on a temporary basis as and when you require.

You will be charged for the hours I attend your office, there are no travel costs or hidden charges involved.

Why use CMT Professional over a temping agency?

I guarantee a highly professional and reliable service.  When using a temping agency you cannot guarantee the same temp to attend your offices.   By using CMT  Professional can save time on retraining every time you require my services, following my initial visit  I will already be familiar with your systems and this will save you retraining each and every visit.   Therefore maximising the amount of work that can be produced on each visit.   Therefore being great value for money.

If you have a backlog of work and need an extra pair of hands to help with the backlog then I can assist.   I can assist with typing, reception duties, assisting with preparing bundles and all secretarial duties including archiving.  

Please call me to discuss your requirement.


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